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History of the Company

The Company's history dates back to April 1964, when the Leningrad office of State supply and sales agency state committee of council of ministers for publishing, printing and book trade was founded.

The main task facing the new enterprise was supply of printing materials, spare parts, paper and cardboard to printing and publishing companies of the Leningrad region and the North-West region.

During the period from 1964 to 1993, the enterprise changed its name several times and by the time of privatization in 1993, it was called State Enterprise Lensnabpechat.

In 1993, the state enterprise was privatized, and under the privatization plan OJSC Lensnabpechat was established.

In 1996, replacement of the senior management of OJSC Lensnabpechat took place. New managers have consistently pursued a program of economic development, including updates and development of material and technical base of the Company.