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About the company

The joint-stock company Lensnabpechat is a stable dynamic company that has been operated in the market for over 40 years and proven itself as competent and reliable partner.

Russia and Finland are key market areas for the Company.

Main areas of activity:

  1. Trade in printing materials.
    In the original area since its establishment, for more than 40 years of activity JSC Lensnabpechat has been occupied the leading position in the industry. At present, JSC Lensnabpechat presents in set of products from leading European and Russian manufacturers in the printing market in Russia.
  2. Services of cargo secure storage.
    JSC Lensnabpechat provides secure storage of different lines of goods at its own storage terminals in Saint-Petersburg.
  3. Real estate management (rental of warehouses and industrial premises).
    JSC Lensnabpechat offers to rent warehouses at its own storage terminals in Saint-Petersburg.
  4. Inter-city and international cargo carriage.
    Since 2004, JSC Lensnabpechat has been performed inter-city and international transportation of goods through own trucks SCANIA with load-carrying capacity of 20 tons with trailers of 88-92 m3.